I think I'm getting further and further behind with these reports. I'm obviously spending too much time exploring and not enough time telling you about it. If that's the case, well, tough! My first objective is to have a great time.

I went to one viewpoint, down below was the Australian Rock. Wonder why it was called that.

But hey! I've just remembered. The morning after my walk to the lake I fell into conversation with a fellow camper. A lady, she had been travelling full time for 5 years and was now heading back to see her Mum.

But that's over a week ago! Oh my! You're only getting the bits I remember as I type, and they are not necessarily the best, the most interesting, or the funniest, bits.

I'll try to catch up. The next night I stayed in Bega. Before that I had a nice trip down the coast. Next morning in Bega I spotted a car registration office so I called in to find out how I could register my camper in NSW, if I needed to. Not good news. It would cost getting on for $1000 to register it here, provided it passed the inspections. I think I need to keep it registered in West Australia...........

After Bega I headed up to the Snowy Mountains. I took these photos on the way. Exactly where, your guess is probably as good as mine.

Nope. I've just checked with my diary. The dates on the photos don't match. I took them the next day. So the photos come later.

It was close to evening when I got near the Snowy Mountains Park. I got several bits of information. It cost $16 for a car to enter the park, unless you were driving through without stopping, then it was free. If you were in the park, officially, you could park at one of the camp sites for free. The local town, where I asked, did not allow 'wild' camping.

I calculated the alternatives.

So I paid my $16 and camped for free in the first campsite. Exactly the same amenities as I am used to in my free camping, some toilets, and nothing else.

Now, here are the next day's photos.

It's hard to tell, but those splodges mid bottom centre are ducks. Nice ducks.

I was out of the park before noon. Now, a 3 hour drive through beautiful scenery for $16 (ignoring the optional free overnight parking) seems to me a touch on the expensive side. The drive through the Rocky Mountains Parkway in Canada cost less than that, took 2 days to drive, and had scenery that was a million times better.

I'd had a tooth problem for a couple of days, a developing abscess. It had kept me awake at my 'free' parking spot in the Snowy Mountains.

After leaving the Mountains I refilled my propane cylinder (used for the fridge and the cooker). I asked where was there a dentist, because I knew I needed anti-biotics. Well I'm no doctor says the man at the petrol pumps, but if you can stand then pain, just wait 3 days, the body will fix it.

From here on I had 2 choices to head north, either continue in the Snowy Mountains or take a road along the foothills. I'd had enough of the Snowy Mountains so I took the foothills road, which was pretty. I thought about the abscess problem. This time, the pain from the abscess had not been killing me, as it had done a couple of years ago in Canada. So I drove past the next medical centre, suffered another unpleasant, but bearable night, and found that from then on the pain dwindled away to nothing over the next few days. He was right! I wish I'd known how to tell him that. I stopped for the night in a rest area, and continued northwards.

Now, I've more photos to look at, and maybe include, so since I won't get that finished tonight I'll say bye for now, catch up with you later.

Best regards

David Barker
Currently in Australia, exploring New South Wales

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