Family Tree Programs.

There are a number of programs available to enable organising Family Tree information, rather than just a surname listing as here.  

Free ones I know about are
Family Tree builder   Claims to be the best in the world, with nearly 6 million downloads
Legacy Standard
Personal Ancestry File (PAF)
PAF is produced by the Mormons, Family Tree builder is Jewish.  Both are excellent programs, and the religious connection is almost entirely transparent. I know nothing about Genpro or Legacy, good or bad.

Kith & Kin   This is the program I use.  It shows the tree in a graphical kind of way. You get a 30 day free trial then it costs  30 (about $50)  If you exceed that, it doesn't cut you off, it just nags you from time to time, not too obtrusively, that they would like you to pay for it!   Here is more information about Kith and Kin    

Paid for
Family Tree Maker   Claims 5 million downloads    $40
GenBox  $30
Legacy de Luxe   $30

I've probably missed a few, I'm not terribly interested.  If you have any suggestions or comments though, I'll be glad to add them.

There are a number of Web sites with varying information, often free, some also include family trees.  I have put a limited version of this tree on   When I have time I'll include more info here.


Whilst all family tree programs run in a slightly different way, it is relatively easy to transfer data from one program to another using a standard type of file called a Gedcom.  Normally in the first program you will find a command something like export to Gedcom and in the second  a command something like Import from Gedcom.  So it doesn't really matter which one you start with.  If you try one, then think you would prefer another, it's no problem. You simply transfer your information from one program to the other using a Gedcom file.

I will be pleased to email you the Gedcom file for the tree shown here.  Drop me a line and ask, it's not a big file and it's quick and easy to make..    There may be chunks that you do not want.  In most family tree programs it is quite easy to delete whole sections. (Even, sometimes, by mistake!  Backup frequently!)  

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