Important Information!

You may see a blank screen after you click Continue when the file has loaded.  

Not to worry!  It all depends how your pdf reader was set up.

You may need to change the zoom setting on your pdf reader.  Up or down.

If you don't have one already installed you will need a pdf reader to see this layout. I suggest PDF-Xchange.

Families only are shown on the tree which extends way over to the right.  However you can search for individuals by name.

Click on any family rectangle to find details of that family.  You may get a warning, 'potential security issue'.  I don't know why, because there isn't such an issue.

Use the back button to return, or click on a family rectangle.

It takes a few moments to download, it's a big file. It's 2Mb. Be patient!

I suspect you may stioll have problems, my browsers, FireFox and Chrome don't work correctly, you may need to right click on continue and select save file

Then it should run in the correct program, such as Adobe or the above mrentioned PDF-Xchange.

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