Surnames beginning with Y

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YAMAKE, Joanne; 1964-; Richmond BC, Canada

YELLOP, Christopher J

YELLOP, Karl Robert; 1971-; Dec quarter, Eton district, Bucks

YELLOP, Lee Christopher; 1969-; Sep quarter, Eton district, Bucks

YELLOP, Mark Ivan; 1966-; March quarter, Eton district, Bucks



YOUNG, Ada A; 1881-; Kensignton, Middex

YOUNG, Ainsley May; 2007-; Vancouver

YOUNG, Alfred H; 1864-; Norwood or Lambeth, Surrey

YOUNG, Catherine; 1787-

YOUNG, Charles; 1888-; Kensington, London

YOUNG, Elisabeth; 1791-

YOUNG, Emily C; 1862-; Norwood, Surrey

YOUNG, Emily Lazenby; BET APR 1896 AND JUN 1896-; Kensington, London

YOUNG, Emma; 1999-

YOUNG, George; 1725-; Germany

YOUNG, George; 1755-1824

YOUNG, George C.; 1794-

YOUNG, Gerrard; BET APR 1890 AND JUN 1890-; Kensington, London

YOUNG, Harry Callum; 2000-

YOUNG, Henry

YOUNG, John; Long Island, NY

YOUNG, John C.; 1789-1845; NJ

YOUNG, Louise Joanne; 2003-

YOUNG, Lucas William; 2005-; Vancouver

YOUNG, Mary; 1780-

YOUNG, Mary J; 1863-; Norwood or Croydon, Surrey

YOUNG, Mary Lanee; 1782-; NJ

YOUNG, Peter

YOUNG, Peter G.; 1785-1847

YOUNG, Philip

YOUNG, Richard Edwin; 1835-; Norwood or Lambeth, Surrey

YOUNG, Richard Edwin Joseph; BET APR 1860 AND JUN 1860-; Norwood, Surrey

YOUNG, Richard Henry

YOUNG, Rosa E; 1874-; Kensington, Middx

YOUNG, Stuart

YOUNG, Walter H; 1871-; Kensington, Middx

YOUNG, Warren

YOUNG, William Hy; 1866-; Norwood, Surrey

YOUNG-JAMIESON, Harriett Mary; 1880-1947; St Clements, Truro, Cornwall