Surnames beginning with I

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ILLINGWORTH, Iris; 1941-; Selby, Yorkshire

INCHBOARD, Ada; BET JUL 1877 AND SEP 1877-; Aldwark, Yorkshire

INCHBOARD, Annie; BET OCT 1873 AND DEC 1873-; Aldwark, Yorkshire

INCHBOARD, Edith Frances; BET OCT 1875 AND DEC 1875-; Aldwark, Yorkshire

INCHBOARD, Lydia Sarah; BET OCT 1884 AND DEC 1884-; Alne, Yorkshire

INCHBOARD, Robert; BET APR 1882 AND JUN 1882-; Alne, Yorkshire

INCHBOARD, Thomas; BET JUL 1879 AND SEP 1879-; Grimethorpe, Yorkshire

INCHBOARD, Thomas; 1844-; Youlton, Yorkshire

INCHBOARD, William; BET OCT 1874 AND DEC 1874-; Aldwark, Yorkshire

INGLE, Mary; 1800-1825; Overton By Ouse churchyard, Yorkshire

IRELAND, Eliza; 1859-; Folkton, Yorkshire

IRELAND, Emily; 1854-; Folkton, Yorkshire

IRELAND, Robert; 1829-; Folkton, Yorkshire


IRELAND, William; 1857-; Folkton, Yorkshire

IRVING, Lynne; 1968-; Locherbie, Scotland