Thomas CASS = Nancy RHODES

Married BEF 1848

Thomas CASS

Born ABT 1816, Newton upon Ouse, Yorkshire
Christened 23 Sep 1816, Newton upon Ouse, Yorkshire
Died BET JAN 1877 AND MAR 1877, Great Ouseburn district


Born 4 Dec 1810, Escrick, Yorkshire
Died BET APR 1878 AND JUN 1878, Great Ouseburn district


Sarah Ann CASS

Born BET JUL 1848 AND SEP 1848, Knaresbro district
Christened 25 Sep 1848, Great Ouseburn, Yorkshire
Died BET OCT 1849 AND DEC 1849, Knaresbro district

William Rhodes CASS = Margaret Ann MIDDLETON > Family

Married BET OCT 1877 AND DEC 1877, Great Ouseburn district

William Rhodes CASS

Born ABT Apr 1850, Great Ouseburn, Yorkshire
Died BET JAN 1896 AND MAR 1896, Great Ouseburn district

Margaret Ann MIDDLETON

Born ABT 1858, Knottingley, York
Christened 30 Jun 1858, East Knottingley, Yorkshire

Annie CASS = William PEXTON > Family

Married BET OCT 1873 AND DEC 1873, Great Ouseburn district

Annie CASS

Born BET APR 1851 AND JUN 1851, Great Ouseburn, Yorkshire

William PEXTON

Born BET JUL 1846 AND SEP 1846, Duggleby, Yorkshire
Christened 12 Jul 1846, Kirby Grindalythe, Yorkshire

Louisa CASS

Born BET APR 1853 AND JUN 1853, Great Ouseburn, Yorkshire
Died BET OCT 1887 AND DEC 1887, Great Ouseburn district

Sophia CASS = John William CASS > Family

Married BET OCT 1888 AND DEC 1888, Scarbro district

Sophia CASS

Born BET APR 1855 AND JUN 1855, Great Ouseburn, Yorkshire
Died BET APR 1891 AND JUN 1891, Tunbridge district

John William CASS

Born BET APR 1854 AND JUN 1854, Appleton Roebuck, Yorkshire
Christened 19 Jun 1854, Bolton Percy, Yorkshire