John Edwin WOOD = Emily JEPSON

Married ABT Nov 1863, Easingwold district

John Edwin WOOD

Born 8 Mar 1824, London, Middlesex
Christened 19 Dec 1824, Saint Paul Covent Garden, Wesminster, London
Died 25 Jul 1890, Tockwith, Wetherby district


Born ABT 1836, Overton By Ouse , Yorkshire
Christened 30 May 1836, Overton By Ouse , Yorkshire
Died ABT Apr 1916, Knaresborough district


Arthur William WOOD = Caroline EXELBY > Family

Married ABT Nov 1890, Knaresbro district

Arthur William WOOD

Born ABT Feb 1865, Tockwith, Yorkshire

Caroline EXELBY

Born ABT 1872, Harrogate, Yorkshire

Emily WOOD

Born ABT Nov 1866, Tockwith, Yorkshire

Edwin Menotti WOOD = Louisa Mary BOWMAN > Family

Married ABT Feb 1893, York district

Edwin Menotti WOOD

Born ABT Nov 1867, Tockwith, Yorkshire
Died 13 Nov 1940, Maccelesield district, Cheshire

Louisa Mary BOWMAN

Born ABT Aug 1867, York, Yorkshire
Christened 5 Aug 1867, Monk Bar Methodist, Monkgate, Yorkshire

Charles Henry WOOD

Born ABT May 1869, Tockwith, Yorkshire

Thomas Harold WOOD

Born ABT Mar 1871, Tockwith, Yorkshire

Ernest James WOOD = Alice Mary HARRISON > Family

Married ABT Nov 1895, St Savior district now Southwark district (London)

Ernest James WOOD

Born ABT Nov 1872, Tockwith, Yorkshire
Died ABT Apr 1926, York district


Born ABT 1863, Newington. London

Walter WOOD = Eveline > Family

Married ABT 1898, Harrogate, Yorks

Walter WOOD

Born ABT Feb 1876, Tockwith, Yorkshire

Edith Wood = Benjamin Preston THOMLINSON > Family

Married ABT Jul 1906, Knaresborough district

Edith Wood

Born ABT Feb 1878, Tockwith, Yorkshire
Died ABT Nov 1957, Leeds distrct (Yorkshire)

Benjamin Preston THOMLINSON

Born ABT 1875, Bilton, Yorkshire
Died ABT Jun 1948, Barkston Ash district ( Yorkshire W Riding)

Anita Emma WOOD

Born ABT Jan 1881, Tockwith, Yorkshire
Died ABT Sep 1929, Wetherby district (Yorkshire)

Herbert Vincent Wood

Born BET OCT 1874 AND DEC 1874, Tockwith, Yorkshire

Florence WOOD

Born BET JUL 1879 AND SEP 1879, Harrogate, Yorkshire
Died BET OCT 1888 AND DEC 1888, Wetherby district