Edward BARKER = Margaretta JEPSON

Married 28 Jul 1856, Newton-on-Ouse, Yorkshire


Born 1833
Christened 3 May 1833, Brompton by Sawdon
Died 24 Sep 1910, Scarborough Workhouse Infirmary, Scarborough
Buried Hutton Buscel (Grave stone)

Margaretta JEPSON

Born 8 Aug 1836, Snowfields, Alne, Yorkshire
Christened 9 Aug 1836, Alne, Yorkshire
Died 21 Jul 1868, Fon du Lac, Wisconsin, USA


Kate Ward BARKER = William KENNY > Family

Married 26 Jan 1885, Register Office, York in the City district, York

Kate Ward BARKER

Born 1 Jul 1857, Brompton By Sawdon, Yorkshire
Died 20 Apr 1941, Brompton By Sawdon, Yorkshire
Buried Apr 1941, Newton upon Ouse churchyard, Yorkshire

William KENNY

Born Sep/Dec 1857, Newton upon Ouse, Yorkshire
Died 9 Dec 1943, Newton upon Ouse, Yorkshire

Robert Crosby BARKER

Born 8 Jan 1859, Brompton
Died 25 Dec 1944, Pinehurst, Idaho, USA
Buried 28 Dec 1944, Gravestone, Riverview Cemetery, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

birth certificate
birth certificate

House at Leduc
House at Leduc

RC gravestone
RC gravestone

William M BARKER = Emely SWAIN > Family

Married 1 Feb 1886, Allerston, Pickering, Yorkshire

William M BARKER

Born 28 Oct 1860, Brompton, Yorkshire
Died 15 Sep 1942, Wallace, Shoshone, Idaho
Buried 18 Sep 1942, Gravestone, Riverview Cemetery, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

William gravestone
William gravestone


Born 22 Dec 1863, West Heslerton, Yorkshire
Christened 27 Mar 1864, Werst Heslerton with East Heslerton, Yorkshire
Died 3 Jun 1912, Black Springs, Montgomery County, Arkansas
Buried Black Springs Cemetery, Montgomery, Arkansas


Gravestone rear
Gravestone rear

Margaret Ann (Maggie) BARKER = William Hedley SANDERSON > Family

Married 22 Mar 1879, Register Office, Scarborough, Yorkshire

Margaret Ann (Maggie) BARKER

Born 12 Sep 1862, Brompton, Yorkshire
Died ABT Jan 1931, Scarbro district, probably Ganton 1926
Buried Willerby Churchyard

William Hedley SANDERSON

Born 1855, Cayton, Yorkshire (Jul/Sep 1855 )
Died ABT May 1934, Scarbro district
Buried Willerby Churchyard