Barker Family    gravestones, certificates, and documents  

(very much a work in progress - please send more photos!)

Barker family - Photos

Ann Barker.jpg
Ann Barker
William Barker family.jpg
William Barker family
Barkerville Aerial.JPG
Barkerville Aerial
Hoppers and Barkers.jpg
Hoppers and Barkers
Lowish family.jpg
Lowish family
RC Barker house.jpg
RC Barker house
Bob and Nellie Barker.JPG
Bob and Nellie Barker
Thelma MacDonald.jpg
Thelma MacDonald
MacDonald family.jpg
MacDonald family
Grace Barker.jpg
Grace Barker
Donald Barker.jpg
Donald Barker
Helen Greensides.jpg
Helen Greensides
Eleanor Barker.jpg
Eleanor Barker
Gary Barker.jpg
Gary Barker
Jan and David.jpg
Jan and David
Simon Martin.JPG
Simon Martin

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