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Pictured on the beach at Scaroborough 1913 are:
The inscription on the photo reads: From left - Lucy Parker (Lowish),  Eliza Jane Hopper (Plaxton), with Mary Barker on her knee, Charles  Herbert (Chas) Barker (standing), George Herbert (Bert) Hopper and Mary Agnes (Pollie) Hopper (Hannan) with Robert Hannan Hopper standing near her and Mildred Hopper on her knee, and the children seated are (possibly) Lowish Parker and (possibly) Ethel Parker. The problem with the seated children is that in 1913 Lowish would have been 13 and Ethel 17. The nearest guess from Lucy Parker's children is that the boy might have been Clifford Parker, he would have been 6, and the girl Jessie, who would have been 14.

The photo is interesting, not only for the beach wear, but because at the time of writing we are not sure of the connection between the families who lived almost 15 miles apart.  After the funeral of Lucy Parker's husband, F.W., a newspaper report stateed that amongst the mourners was a Mrs Barker, from Hutton Buscel, niece of FW. However we have so far been unable to discover how this Mrs Barker was a niece of Lucy Parker, nor which Barker she was married to!

 There was a later connection when my Dad (standing, centre) married into the Simpson family who were later connected with the Parkers.  But, rather obviously, at the time of the photo, my Dad has not yet married my Mum.

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