A little bit of history

The villages our Barker ancestors mostly came from were
Brompton, Rudston, Wykeham, Hutton Buscel  and Ayton, they stretch about a mile distant from each other in a west east line along the southern edge of the Eastern North Yorkshire Moors, now a National Park.  To the north the land climbs gently, broken with small pretty valleys, towards the North Riding Forest Park.  To the south lie the Carrs,  flat wetlands rather like fenland where, long ago but in human times, there used to be a lake. The villages, to both north and south, cluster along the ancient shoreline of this lake.  It was not a huge lake, of the order 3 miles north to south, and 15 miles east to west.  Other family members were born and lived in the villages on the southern shore line, Rillington, West Heslerton, Sherburn, and Willerby.  (If it's blue and underlined it's a link - you can click on it.  Don't miss that there may be several pages of photos - click 'next' if you see the word top or bottom.)  

I originally intended to put links to various mapping programs so that it was easy to see what the area was like. However, it seems to be pretty well covered  by the website that has the above photos.  Click on any one of the links above, you get a set of small photos of the area.  Click on any one of the small photos you get a bigger photo.  Below the photo there is a small map.  If you want, you can click the map, you get a bigger map.   But better is to go straight  to the links below this map. Don't bother with the first set of links, go to the very bottom right and click on More Links (with the red push pin) and down below you'll see mapping websites.  ALL are brilliant, there are all sorts of mapping links, all of which centre on the place where the photo was taken.  (As far as Google Earth goes it must already be installed on your computer but the others all work normally.)  

You can of course find photos for any place you choose,  just click on search  top left, and enter your place name. You may need to add Yorkshire if it is a common village name.  If you get 1000s of photos you may want to click on  'refine search'  and then in the upper section look for 'distance to above' and click the drop down button next to the 10km default and reduce it to say 1km or maybe 2km.

Some other places that crop up on the tree from time to time are Scarborough,  SawdonMount Pleasant Farm, and, in the York area,  Newton on OuseSutton on the Forest and  Overton

At Hutton Buscel this is  where my Dad was born, where I spent many of my school holidays and this (the white house opposite) is  where my Mum was born at Hunmanby.   Their romance was at the start of the worldwide long distance courtship.  Previously, you generally married someone who lived with walking distance.  But my Dad had a bike, and now there were buses...........

Instrumental in connecting the British end of the family with the rest of the world were some letters written by Robert Crosby Barker from Marengo in the 1890s and later, to his cousins in Sawdon.  The letters can be found here.

A fascinating account of a voyage to Australia in 1849 by Matthew Henry Crosby can be found here.  Soon after arrival he wrote to his brother in England here.

Although Edward Barker was raising his family in Brompton when in 1853 Sir George Cayley of Brompton Hall launched a glider that carried his footman for 183 metres, some 50 years before the Wright brothers, making it the first recorded flight of a man carrying flying machine, sadly it is not recorded whether our ancestor was involved.

I hope they will not become history for a long time yet, but Gary Barker and his wife Connie from Montana make some fantastic music, to download an mp3 of  them playing and singing one of their own compositions click here. (Depending on your computer set up, you may need to right click the link, then select save target, or save link.)

There's lots of interesting information about Yorkhire historical records etc at http://www.genuki.org.uk/big/eng/YKS/

Disclaimer!   The information on the tree was not, in the main, researched by myself, but by Don Kenny, Jan Booth, Vicki Barker, Donald Barker, Bill Humby, David Crosby, and many others, all over the course of many years, and further information was supplied by many other family members.  Don for example I believe has been researching the tree for getting on for 40 years.......

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