15th August 2011 Eleanor's check flight

Setting up

A fairly well experienced crew. Total 136 years of P1 experience!  
Left to right, below, Nicolas Chabbert 20 years, Claude Peres (examiner) 37 years, David Barker 39 years, Simon Faithfull 40 years.   
Eleanor of course is in in the middle.  Don't look at me.  As soon as I saw theses photos I went and trimmed my hair and my beard!
And the balloon?  A 34 year old Viva 56,   it's 7 years older than Eleanor herself.

Setting the altimeter.
The basket is quite small and has rounded corners at the bottom. If you stand in the side with the 2 tanks you are in danger of falling over.  So I am nonchalantly leaning on the pole to stop it tipping!


Last minute questions from the examiner

Ready to go

We have lift off!

Up up

and away

in flight

Shall we land there?

OK I guess

Coming in to land

Down safely on the road

We're down!

So is the envelope

starting to pack up

Always, always, there is paperwork

But she did it!

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